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To conduct our research, we have a number of computational and experimental resources as shown below. Research that used our facilities can be found at Publications

Computational Facilities


High Performance Computing (HPC) Cluster in the lab

The laboratory HPC cluster is used in the lab to conduct aircraft design, systems of systems analysis and optimization, and computational-fluid-dynamics.

Experimental Facilities

Wind Tunnels

In the lab, we have access to subsonic, transonic, and supersonic wind tunnels. The group has expertice conducting large wind tunnel campaigns using different flow measurements and flow visualization methods including Pressure-Sensitive-Paint, Cobra-Probe Measurements, Helium Bubble and Oil-Flow Visualizations, Load-Force and Pressure Measurements.

Subsonic Wind Tunnel


Blown wing rig testing in subsonic wind tunnel


Rig used to change angle of attack for model testing


Cobra probe used to make wake measurement

Transonic/Supersonic Wind Tunnel


Transonic/Supersonic wind tunnel testing rig


Pressure-Sensitive-Paint testing at transonic speeds


To support its mandate the lab also has access to or has developed a number of additional measurement rigs or manufacturing facilities.

Hot Wire CNC Machine


Hot Wire CNC Machine used to create foam prototype wings

Fused deposition modeling (FDM) 3D-Printer


FDM 3D-Printer used to create prototype models for wind tunnel and experimental testing

Rotor Rig


Rotor rig used to conduct rotor craft wing prototyping


Rotor rig tesing

Experimental Vehicles

Experimental Vehicles includes all the vehicles and equipment used to conduct research over the years shown below.


Auto pilot modified glider


lab-made UAV models


Example of flight testing research


Rover used for autonomous land vehicle testing


Track vehicle for off-road autonomous vehicle testing


Balance-Bot autonomous prototype


Off-road track vehicle testing


Monocopter flight testing


Tilt-Wing flight test

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