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Our group regularly develops codes on the different areas of its research activity.

Whenever its is possible, our philosophy is to share the codes developed by the group. It is our strong believe that by sharing our codes so others use them for their engineering research, work, and design activities, it multiplies their impact on society and enables results reproducibility.

We develop our codes mostly using the Python programming language , when speed is critical the codes are enhanced using wrapped Fortran or C routines.



pyOpt is a Python-based package for formulating and solving nonlinear constrained optimization problems in an efficient, reusable and portable manner. It currently integrates a large number of open-source and commercial optimizers. [PJM12]

pyOpt website: http://www.pyopt.org/



pyACDT is a Python-based object oriented and multi fidelity framework that facilitates the definition, analysis, design and optimization of aircraft configurations. [PM08]

Further information can be found in the pyACDT page.



pyRSM is a package to create and use response surface methods (metamodels).

Further information can be found in the pyRSM page.

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